Friday, October 05, 2007

#2138-The Electoral Council to Luther

(We offer)first of all our friendly service. Honorable, celebrated,especially dear Herr and Friend! About your writing for Mr. Hieronymous Weller regarding the 40 Gulden which was to come to him from the beneficence at Wartburg and which the treasurer (Schultheiss) refused, the Elector of Saxony, our most gracious Lord, has ordered the above mentioned treasurer and the same report has been passed on to us in the absence of His Electoral Grace and we did not want to omit sending the enclosed unto you and also the same will be reported to you by His Electoral Grace in the future and thereupon his Electoral Grace without doubt will know how to provide the mentioned 40 Gulden for Mr.Hierornymous Weller and it will happen through
the mentioned Treasurer or extended in another way. Such we did not want to keep from you and we are inclined to serve you in a friendly way. Tuesday of Vitus (15 June). Anno Domini 1535.
NOTE: This matter was first resolved on August 3rd.

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