Tuesday, July 24, 2007

#2118-To Johann Lonicer in Marburg

To the, in Christ, highly respected brother, Johann Lonicer, the faithful and zealous servant of the LOrd in Marburg.
Grace and peace!I have understood everything, my dear Lonicer, what motivates you but I do not advise that you be so rash that after one or two onslaughts of Satan that you should be overcome so that therefore you think you should move from your place. Satan is not overcome by a change of place because he is a spirit who roams about widely. Nevertheless if there is a call assigned to you, you may confidently change. Also our important people, for the most part, if not enemies, are yet skillful despisers of the Word and its servants which Christ suffers at length but
but when He is resurrected they will received their deserved punishment.

I don't have any news other than that it is said that a Diet is organized in which they will decide about religion. What will happen Christ knows. In Him be it right well with you with your vine-stock and grapes. The 8th of February 1535. Your Martin Luther.

This young man, Emmer, who delivers this letter would be worthy of your favor and a conversation. He is the teacher of the son of Doctor Jonas and he is visiting his home and on the way wants to visit famous people. Mart.Luther,D.
NOTE: ML calls everyone's wife a fruitful vine except Kaethe.

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