Thursday, May 24, 2007

#2093-To Justus Jonas

Grace and peace be to you, my good Jonas, but give death and hell to your stone (Gallstone?) through the power of Christ.I had ,to be sure ,wished to discuss with you and others before M.Philippus departs but you neither could come to me nor I could come to you. Yet tomorrow I will make a record of my convictions (Beglaubigung?)and keep a copy for you and all to be informed. I will not in this matter deal with anything alone although I assume that between them and us there will not result in any unity. Also Philippus says he does not want to handle this alone. This is so great a matter that two or three men though of the greatest reputation cannot establish it so it appears to me that the trip of the good man Philippus is completely in vain. I cannot yield from my opinion ; and although the entire world fall apart I will stand amidst the rubble as one not giving way. Come to me as soon as you can. Be it well with you. The 17th December 1534. Your Martin Luther.
nOTE: This is the meeting at Cassel at the instigation of Philip of Hess to seek harmony with the Zwinglians on the Sacrament.This is thought to be the meeting where Melanchton is asked whether he would presume the Body of Christ to chewed on with the teeth. ML and Kaethe's third daughter is born as Philip departs on Dec.17.
Had a discussion Luther index on the first sentence but think this may be right based on the letter to Jonas above and that in the Table Talk ML uses calculus for gall stone as in the Latin in the above letter.

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