Tuesday, May 22, 2007

#2092-To Johann, Prince in Anhalt

To the illustrious, well-born Prince and Lord, Lord Johann, Prince in Anhalt, Graf in Ascanien,Lord in Bernburg, my gracious Lord.
G. a. (Grace and) Peace. Illustrious Prince, gracious Lord! Magister Franciscus has shown me several articles of the Anabaptists which are slyly appearing in Zerbst and EFG's desire to know how they should be handled etc.However, there can not be much debate since they are such sneaks and come secretly without being called as wolves in the sheep pen. Secondly, their articles are rebellious,murderous and blasphemous, and justify also the condemned Muenzer. Therefore EFG has to deal with them seriously and in no way tolerate them. How one should examine them, however, it is not my office to advise because it is a secular matter. Likewise it would be good to sharply address them spiritually that their unashamed conscience might be shamed as to who has sent them and who has commended to them such sneaky ways because they should know that if your spirit truly would be upright that no one sends nor calls himself as Christ also is said in Hebrews 5 not to have honored Himself etc.; whence have they the right to attack a called head-pastor in his office and to turn away the people commited to him away and condemn his doctrine secretly and matters of which they have not heard and are upright enough to have previously greeted him or his superiors? Such are pure buben-articles as Christ say in John X ., thieves and rogues or murderers well deserving only death and what their rebellious doctrine is worthy of etc., EFG knows better to deal with than I can describe to him. I thank my LOrd Christ that He has heard our prayer and the dear Prince, Prince Joachim He has healthy and sprite and may He grant length (of days?),Amen. The same Christ be with EFG and both of my gracious Lords together with all that is Anhalt and so called, Amen. On the Tuesday after Lucia (15 Dec.)1534. EFG's willing Mart. Luther,D.
nOTE: Probably a play on Anhalt-something held or basis in the last sentence. What is held is also named Anhalt their princedom.

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