Friday, May 11, 2007

#2089-To Leonhard Beier in Zwickau

Grace and peace in Christ! I have advised this man, this priest,my dear Leonhard, that you or a Pastor nearby him to marry him to this abandoned woman but nevertheless this prevailing condition must be maintained according to the juridical form,namely that on the door of your church or one nearby in a notice under your name you invite Matthes (?) to give answer within 15 days concerning the betrayed wife. When this time has run its course and he has not done that he should be declared publicly as an Abandoner and the woman is free according to the witness of these two letters. And so she may be married to the priest in the Name of the LOrd. Be it well with you.I seldom write because I cannot do what I want to and you have no need of me to do so. On the Monday after the Advent-Sunday (30 November) 1534. Your Martin Luther.
NOTE: I have been trying to determine whether "Matthes" is a surname. Probably will have an obvious answer from Luther Index soon.
Ron Schuette was asking about ML being up on all the Saints' Days. I think there are some calendars like that today but don't remember where I saw them. Anyone know?

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