Wednesday, March 14, 2007

#2067-To Nicholas von Amsdorf

Grace and peace in Christ! Better Amsdorf, I also have not seen the answer of Erasmus; they have concealed this matter from me with great zeal; perhaps they fear I will respond in heat. D. Jonas, Pommer, and Philip have read it. A single copy of it, they say, is now in Dessau. Jonas says that the same is in the letter as in the book, which in fact he has sent, a copy of whihc I have seen and you also have seen as you have written. I have expected something great things him whom I have so challenged. I have not concluded what I shall do until I have seen his answer. Yet there is one piece of advice which you have on hand namely that we despise such people as Wicel, Haner, Cochlaeus,in relation to Erasmus their head and guarantor and turn the weapons on them in that just as Eck promoted the Pope by defending him so these people promote Erasmus by praising him. This writer has brought this about by his ambiguity and nothing chatter. The attack must be mounted against him for it is just as if a butterfly has laid a horde of larvae in the garden of the church; "it is" as the Saxons say ,"Schietrupe". Therfore it would please me if you would publicly publish your comments against him (as you write). Then it is better that the sciences fail than religion when the sciences do not serve but trample Christ under their feet. If we permit this we would be guilty of trampling Christ and He will (if we don't want to) awaken others who will be bold since Christ will rule. Several want through wisdom to bring Christ and Belial in unanimity: "that will amount to nothing". Be it well with you in Christ and pray for me. On the Sunday after John (28 June) 1534. Your Martin Luther.
nOTE: ML talks to Amsdorf about Erasmus in letter #2037 which is in another volume (Vol.XVIII). I guess you can figure out the vulgar "Schietrupe" but don't print it in English on my blog. The mention of Dr. Eck might have reminded him of the appelation "DRECK".

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