Monday, March 05, 2007

#2061-To Friedrich Myconius in Gotha

To Herr Friedrich Myconius in Gotha.
Grace and peace! I seek, I plead, I implore you, my dear Friedrich, that this man, Valten Korner, be commended to you since he has pressed his case upon me, though, to be sure, is not well-known to me (as you can easily believe). If it is as he relates I would not have him subjected to force. Again since I know that there are men there who have proved themselves among you in faithfulness and virtue and you would not knowlingly subject anyone to injustice. For this reason, as I have previously pleaded, I continue to plead that if his case has not yet been heard that you help, as much as you can, that it be investigated. If the matter is now outside of your hands, and is in the hands of the authority (Centaurorum) to be dealt with so take care that I am notified I make an attempt with the Prince as far as I can. I cannot let the people go away sadly, and yet "it is a blind case", which has either been decided at your place or should be decided there. Be it well with you, my dear Myconius, and be in this matter one rich in peace (Friedrich) and peaceful (Friedsamus). The LOrd be with you,Amen. On the 10th of June 1534.
Would you send this accompanying letter to our Justus Menius by an opportune messenger. Your Martin Luther.
NOTE: Menius is the pastor in nearby Eisenach.

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