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#2060-To Christian Beier-Saxon Electoral Chancellor
Grace and peace in Christ. Respected,celebrated, dear Herr Doctor,Chancellor and God-father! Ambrosius of Utenhofen has appealed on the basis of this
writing etc. Because he has so many witnesses and handwritten (letters?) from parish-pastors, whom one must believe,and he is known to me personally, and is earnest in faith,as this same detailed list witnesses and reports, I request please that grace be given by our most gracious Lord (the Elector of Saxony) so that he comes to peace withine himself and that he not be consumed with sadness and thoughts from Satan (which the weak are often afflicted with), which he is not able to bear. I see that he is being tempted and for this reason the grieving should not have additional sorrow and so that we are burdened with another's guilt. You will do, I do not doubt, that which pleases God and the conscience. Christ be with you,Amen. On the Wednesday after Medardus (10 June) 1534. Respected Lord (T[uae] d[domintatis],Your Martin Luther,D.

NOTES: Ambrosius was banned from his office in Weida by the Elector and not come within 5 mi. of the Saxon border because he was accused of not accepting the new doctrine. The results of his appeal via ML are not known.
For Medardus ,sixth century French saint, whose death day is June 8 see below.
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