Friday, February 23, 2007

#2058-To Otto von Pack, Official in Torgau

To the noble and valiant Herr Otto of Pack, Official in Torgau.

Grace and peace through Christ. Noble,Valiant, dear Lord and Friend! I am ready to offer to you my willing service. This man, bearer of the letter, Micahel Reiner ,who has come to me here in Wittenberg ,who has complained to me of his need which weighs heavily upon his neck, and has requested me to petition you which I do not know how to refuse in Christian sympathy because his weak wife and small child cannot be cared for if you do not help him to his just property. It is quite believable if letters and seal would be sufficient to protect him; he wants nothing unjustly and is a good Christian man whom the authority could and should help. Please for my sake and the poor man have mercy on him as I have mercy on him and work earnestly that what is right is given to him and that sorrow of his heart be not on your conscience. The jurists do not push the thing forward and do not see the miserable situation in which the poor people are stuck who must look to you for justice. I have indicated this to you so that it would not be necessary that this complaint is made to U.G.H.( Our gracious Lord?).Herewith be commended to the dear God. Dated on the Tuesday after Trinity (2 June) 1534. Martin Luther,D.

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