Tuesday, February 20, 2007

#2054-To Justus Jonas

D.Mart. Luther to his friend in the LOrd,Justus Jonas.

Grace and peace in Christ. My German pamphlet on the consecration and the Papal holding of Masses, as I hear from many, our (as one says) gracious lord papists has insulted very much, although my purpose in writing it was to strengthen ours more than it should make them angry. Nevertheless I rejoice that it makes them angry because we know that nothing is more insulting to them than the truth. Therefore as this matter verifies that the book is the truth since it very much displeases these raging and unparalled artists in lies and slander. And I hope that this will give rise to the opportunity for them more lie and slander than they had at the Diet of Augsburg where their completely unclean lies were publicly brought forth so that they,being convicted of slander, were forced to confess that our doctrine is that of the Holy Scriptures. Therefore they will gather new lies so that they may bring them forth at this time to be dispelled. You, however, my dear Jonas, will do good if you will translate this book. so hated by the kingdom of Satan but necessary for our brethren, into Latin so that it will be beneficial to as many as possible. Then we will immediately go on to publish more of that sort of thing. Be it well with you. However, be mindful of my rule that accordingly I have asked you that you put forth my opinion in a free way.

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