Tuesday, January 09, 2007

#2033-To Johann Ruehel

To the respectable, celebrated Herr Johann Ruehel, both Doctor of law, and my favored Herr and dear god-father.
Grace and peace in Christ. Respectable, celebrated, dear Herr and god-father! Master Phillip does want to write anything to Herzheimer and has his own reasons. I think, however, your little fruits and plants in Halle now have played out their hypocrisy and have long enough carried the tree on both shoulders and now their hypocrisy in earnest is carried out. Therfore Herzheimer is advised that in time and with honor he should depart; the devil depends more on the priests and inciters since he has been cheated by you and me. God helping me I want to want to arm more people ab0ut the private-mass and completely anger well the devil. It may be that the first wrath will become the best and you are the one that can best hinder it. Nothing more than to be commended to God, Amen. My Kaethe greets you in a friendly way . Greet for me your flesh and blood. In every way that I know that I am able to serve Herzheimer I am ready and willing to do. 1534 the 25th of January. Martinus Luther, D.
Note: Difficult to translate "wie ihr mich doch oft mit ihm betrogen habt" but seems that ML and
Ruehel have cheated the devil. What do you think?

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