Saturday, January 06, 2007

#2032-To the Council in Kitzingen

To the honorable, perceptive Lords, Mayor and Council in Kitzingen, my favored Lords and good Friends.
G.u. (Grace and ) Peace in Christ. Honored, perceptive Lords and Friends! According to your request you have your Pastor Lord G.Schmaltzung. However because the way is distant and hard for him to come on means to live on, I request that you would be helpful to him as he is yet provided for your service, and no one at his expense can or should serve. Regarding Caplanens and so on he will well report to you: such person few and rare. Herewith be to God commended, Amen. On the day Fabianus 1534.. (Jan20).

Note: On St. Fabianus, see below. Caplaenen are assistants, I think.

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