Tuesday, December 19, 2006

#2029-To Niclolaus von Amsdorf

Grace and peace! What is it, my dear Amsdorf, that you with such great effort struggle with quarreling thatso many letters of yours are not answered and you imagine and set forth that it is likely your fault but rather you should think: If I have sinned,he would have answered and pointed out the wrong; now that he replies nothing that is a sign that everything stands well. Now I am fully of the opinion that there is no necessity of a letter from me when at the same time I am so busy, sick and afflicted. Yet, this is for our long-time and firm brotherhood in Christ.

In reference to the offered position of Probst in Nuernberg I do not venture to advise since my spirit can err or also not err. If, however, my soul has an inclination and what my impression and inclination is that this position is not for the free and upright Amsdorf that he should simply and forthrightly adopt as I might fear that he will regret this the acceptance of this positiion. This city has its own way to which not all agree. Yet, as I have said, I could be mistaken. I continue to nurture that; might yet our friend who sits in peace and rest,might be taken hold of by disturbances and floods as the proverb says:(Proverbs 17:1)"Better is a little bread with contentement than a house full of wealth." You are a wise man and can consider what is the best and most acceptable. I see this mistake increasing among the Princes and Cities that they seek preachers who are truly babblers and can likewise strive and boast."That is the devil in the world", or rather the world itself. In conrete (concreto)or abstractly (in abstracto), I wish to know what you think of may book "On the Corner-masses (Winkelmeesse) is. Many are blaming me that pious and weak consciences are harmed thereby. My Kaethe greets you respectfully. Be it right well with you in Christ. On the 3rd of January Anno 1534. Your Martin Luther.
NOTE: Will Amsdorf leave Magdeburg for Nuerberg, "the eyes and ears of the world", according to ML?

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