Saturday, November 18, 2006

#2016-To Lazarus Spengler in Nuernberg

To the honorable, perceptive Herr Lazarus Spengler, economic-administrator (Syndico) of the city of Nuernberg, my favored lord and brother. pacem (grace and peace)in Christ. Honorable,perceptive, dear lord and friend!
I have been requested by good people to write you that you permit D.Curio, medical man, who has received a reassuring writing from you,to be recommended to you that he might in Nuernberg have lodging, although he (a moral and chaste man) did not request me to write this.Nevertheless I commend the good pious man to E.E. and you well how to be Christian and friendly toward him. With that I am willing wherever I can to serve E.F. Herewith be commended to God,Amen.

We here have received one hundred thaler from your lords out of admiration and transmitted through Marx Buchner for which together we give written thanks. In haste.On the Sabbath after Simon and Jude [Nov.1]. Mart. Luther.
NOTE: No All Saints' Day celebrated in Wittenberg now?

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