Thursday, November 16, 2006

#2014-Jonas to Spalatin

To the scholarly and very upright man, Herr G. Spalatin, preacher in Altenburg,his very dear friend.
For the personal attention of Herr Spalatin.
Grace and peace! Regarding your letter and the other two on supervision of the Visitation in Voigtland and Meissen which Herr Erasmus Spiegel brought along we have answered through the recent messenger answered who will look you up in Altenburg and I believe that you have received our letters. Spiegel could not, because of his many activities, extensively confer with me about the matter on that evening in which he delivered the writings and neither early (the next morning?) since he was going away and we had to meet together with D. Martin over the difficult matter with the Nuernbergers involving Osiander. I hope also that in your circumstances you found our opinion sufficient and pleasing. We gladly serve you but, as in the school where so many and so much run together we are deterred by not a few activities. Through Spiegel you can request my help and service in every matter.Concerning Herr Johann Minkwitz[JJ in brackets writes in Gk. Miggzon = great?]about whom you write in those covered and secretive words of implication, D. Martin and Philippus have ordered that I should write to you that you are playing completely with lack of knowledge and you should not disturb this matter rather Luther will deal with it in his own unique way. The man Minkwitz is great in many respects and is very useful to our own community and, Yes,to the public situations in all of Germany. Not all mistakes can at one time be improved and we hold that this man is not to be reckoned among the great crowds (of erring ?). However, we say this to you confidentially for several reasons: I advise you that before you do any sort of thing that you first in entirely confidential letters consult the advice of Luther and that these be delivered to me to put in his hand. You write that you now know of a Diaconat could be supported with 60 Gulden.
Herr Philippus and I will send a good and learned man; meanwhile, therefore I request of you, change nothing and wait for our letter. Last Friday [24 October] from the tenth hour of the night until the twelfth hour ( as Luther himself saw with many others standing by) there flew in all four parts and regions of the heavens, as he himself said, across the entire heavens thousand of fiery sparks not of the color of stars but sort of a flaming and a fiery color; he said that he had never, in all his life, seen the like and thinks it is not a natural occurence but I do not know what kind of play of the devil in the air which, neverthelss, signifies something great.Michael Stiefel is ( as one calls it )restricted by us, arrested by the hand of the Prince but not a prisoner in prison. He is taken out of his parish and punished in other ways. Around the garden of the ancient Kreppin,in the vicinity of the mother-in-law of Philippus, there was in the night,not far from this city, a horrible uproar as of armed riders and battlers and Philippus related this to me that he heard it from his mother-in-law and she heard it from her gardener who swore that it was not her imagination. Luther who is a despiser of the devil and since he has previously experienced such temptations says that all of these plays and deceptions are of the
devil who is against the Gospel intractably and through false frights would make us fearful because he cannot do it with any real weapons as God is protecting us. Yet one must pray for peace and the authorities and not have the audacity to deal in the matters of God. Luther is now writing a very useful and very strong siege-machine (Widder=machine for taking down walls)by which the Papacy as an iron wall may be destroyed,if it still exists:"Of the papal Consecration and the corner-or private Mass." There, he says, you will have advice on how to deal with the Abbot in Greunhain. Wicel is ridiculed by the sound and blessed people in Eisleben and despised by the common people and shamed by Graf Hoyer himself and has sadly turned within and likely for a long time troubled by his conscience for betraying the Gospel and so much in him is dead and worthy to be condemned. I will write against him if the opportunity arises and will deal with that mouth as it deserves since it is born to put forth filth which Satan puts in as a latrine and sewer (cacat). Cochlaeus is also such a sewer. Be it well with you, my dear Spalatin and write back to me whether the Visitors have kept the letter on the situation of Calixtus and others also. My twin Martin Jonas greets you and Kaethe Jonassin (Joniscula=Mrs. Jonas) and wants you to understand by her laughing that you should pray to God for her. Again, be it well with you. In haste. In Wittenberg on the Sunday after the 11,000 Virgins although that never happened. Anno 33. Justus Jonas,D.
If it should transpire that you have conversation with Doctor Benedict (Pauli), I request that you deal with this man in a friendly way who, without doubt, is great before God since He has visited him with a severe temptation.
NOTE: One wonders with the signs in the sky and around the cemetery whether some might have thought Stiefel was right after all in his prediction of the last day.
Sounds like JJ knows what ML wants and has learned some of his scatology. Is that a word? Was the laughing of Kaethe similar to the laughing of Sara, Isaac (he laughs) mother?
Think Kreppin is near Bitterfield?

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