Saturday, November 11, 2006

#2011-The Nuernberg Council to ML et al

To Herr Martin Luther and Justus Jonas,Probst,both Doctors,Johann Bugenhagen, called Pomer (Bomer),Philipp Melanchton and Caspar Cruciger theologians in Wittenberg, together and individually.
Worthy and Scholarly etc.! Our city messenger, whom we in the hovering division concerning the general absolution, had with your W.(your Wisdom) in Wittenberg recently has sent the writings containing the recommendation and instruction of Your W. which are Christian and according to God's Word and we have heard them read with joy and therein perceived your honorable and peaceful disposition toward us, our church, generally toward our city. We are earnestly thankful for Your Worthiness, individually and together, and faithfully pray that the Almighty, who has ordained Your W. as teachers and elders of His divine Word for others of the Christian household would keep all in enduring health and graciously preserve all for the good. And since not only in this matter but in other pending necessities of our churches previously you have given through your writings and recommendations willing and faithful counsel and so that you E.W. may perceive our due thankfulfness and acknowledgement of the same we have ordered the Council's friend Siegmund Fuerer to compensate E.W. with one-hundred Joachim-thaler on our behalf. These, we plead in a friendly way, that Your W. would receive as well-intended by us and also that we are earnestly, with our churches, taking up your Christian counsel and instruction with petition to God as we were inclined to do especially. Thus we want to be deserving of Your W.'s attentions also in this matter of divisivness that E.W. would perceive our inclination to Christian harmony and well-being of our churches and recognize it without doubt by our efforts.Dated on Monday October 20th Anno 1533.

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