Thursday, November 09, 2006

#2010-The Council in Augsburg to Luther

To the worthy and scholarly Herr Martin Luther, Doctor of the Holy Scriptures, we the Counselors of the city of Augsburg, convey, to begin with,our friendly and willing service. Your writings concerning our preachers of the dates of August 8 and the one following on the second of September we have perused all the contents and delivered them to our preachers who have thereupon given an answer which we have included herein in a verified writing herein so that we would keep nothing from you so as to demonstrate our friendly inclinations and to prove that we are ready and willing. Dated onthe 16th of October Anno 1533.

Note: I see a letter of ML to the Council in Augsburg dated 8 August in Vol. XVII,p.2033 but see none in September. As you know I'm not much venturing in volumes other than XXIa and XXIb so far.

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