Tuesday, October 31, 2006

#2007-To Wenceslaus Link

Herr Wenceslaus Link, Doctor of the Holy Theology.
Answer has been given to your Council in your matter of the public absolution, my dear Wenceslaus. I have also written to Osiander himself. Now I plead with you for the sake of Christ that you, together with your colleagues, do not close the eyes of your mercy concerning this man who is captive to his opinions but regard him as one sick therefore do not consider how he might be publicly disgrace and condemned so that a fire-storm does not come out of this little spark but, insofar as possible, through your discretion and wisdom he may be freed and healed. Much zeal must be applied thereto as to what way the soul of this brother may be won over through you.I
could not believe(that you should neither shout it out nor spread it publicly)that this man who is busy with many thoughts and, as I learn from his writing, could take a stand so distant from the simplicity of our doctrine. However, as I said, if he is more stirred up greater offenses with be poured out through which, though he is not victorious, nevertheless will bring about further unrest and incite dealings which preferrably be prevented. If you therefore are pleased with our advice we hope that with the passage of time this matter will quiet by itself and that he,meanwhile, will be coming back toward us. We will lose nothing through this patience and discretion and he, if he does not come back, afterward will be damaged more by his stubbornness. That is our opinion. The LOrd Jesus set aside this and all other distress, Amen. In Him be it right well with you, my dear brother. Greet Herr Thomas Venatorius and he might not be unwilling that his Sentences (propositiones=Theses) be postponed. The present reason why there must be this postponement is to wait for the rebellion to be done with. On the 8th of October 1533. Your Martin Luther.
D.Pommer gives the advice and I request that you do not share with your fellow-spirituals or anyone else this letter with the exception of Spengler.
NOTE: The last three letters to Nuernberg have all been on the 8th of October.

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