Thursday, September 14, 2006

#1981-To Christoph Ruehel

1981-To Christoph Ruehel
To the highly-gifted and artistic young man,Christoph Ruehel, who pursues the sciences and his very dear son in Christ.
Grace and peace in the Lord! I have received your letter, my dearest Christoph, through the hand of your Lord Father and which I have read with uncommon joy and delight and say thanks to God the Lord for endowments and disposition with which He has gifted you and wish for you , in addition, the special happiness that as you have a father who is also a teacher, who is well suited for these gifts and disposition, that you through your expense, effort and earnestness will bring forth much fruit, you who have at a young age have so far progressed that you could write such a letter without outside help (tuopte Marte) and I pray to the Lord Jesus Christ that the studies which you have happily begun will be given His richest blessing that you will become salvific example for all youth in learning as well progress. You are a young lad who is destined to be an official in both the world and spiritual realm from which we are now retiring and and turning over,as much as we can, the steering-rudder to you so that you can be in control. Only see to it, with the help of Christ, that the very good beginning has added to it a very good end, and that through any sort of bad example other bad lads should be steered astray.Listen to your very good father who loves you more than himself that you in every respect have the best counsel. At the same time thank your dear Creator who has made you so lordly through such parents and through whose help you can become a great man if you want to. Heil to you,lad, so one rises to the stars. Many become very great and high positioned men who are blessed with such parents , such assistance,such counsel which they receive in abundance.See to it that you do not fail to have Christ, your parents,yes, all good men at your side. I commend you and your brother and all of the young people to the mercy of God who will protect you from all bad examples in deeds,words and desirees (personarum), Amen. Greet your mother, the worthy wife, with all of yours. Wittenberg on the Monday after Trinity (9 June) Anno 1533. Your Martin Luther, D.
NOTE: This is likely the son of D. Joh. Ruehel, Mansfeld Counsel.
The quote about rising to the stars is from Virgil.Aen.IX,v.641. "so steigt man auf zu den Sternen". May be someone has a better translation?

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