Sunday, September 10, 2006

#1980-To Spalatin

To the, in Christ, highly-honorable man, M. Georg Spalatin, the very faithful servant of Christ at Altenburg, his dearest brother in the LOrd.
Grace and peace in Christ!. Receive (my) dispostion to serve and demonstrate,as you do, your disposition to serve in return. You encourage us to gladly receive and care for many poor priestly people, so we you now in return receive these sort of people when it is necessary. There is here this rumor (nothing could be faster ?) that M.Georg Borna has departed and that this position is not occupiied. If this is true, I plead for the sake of Christ that you would promote the bearer of this letter, Simon Haferitz, for that position. There is no position by us that is vacant yet otherwise we would have gladly taken care of him. And there is no basis that you might perhaps shun him either because you have heard rumor of his previous relationship or perhaps remember the same. He has become a different man and has been well tested by many afflictions so that with us there are many good witnesses of many people who will verify it. To counter the suspicion against it would be beneficial for him and us if he were nearby so that he would become more accustomed to our practices and usages so that he would not have opportunity to be deceived by others. Why would it be surprising if one would learn to howl among wolves and as Paul says, evil communication corrupt could manners. Do then as much as you can and want; you will want to do much as you love us much, namely as a faithful and excellent co-worker regarding the Word of Christ Who preserves you and makes you blessed to His glory,Amen. Greet your lordess (Herrin), the mother of one and a half, with her fruit. On the Monday after Exaudi (26 May) 1533. Your M. Luther,D.
Note: Catarina Spalatin is about to deliver a second child.
Looks like Haferitz is going to be hard to place.
Regarding the rumor ML has in brackets (etwas Schnelleres gibt es nicht) which I have translated as nothing travels faster but am I right?

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