Wednesday, August 23, 2006

#1973-To Frau Dorothea Joerger

Grace and peace. Honorable, viertuous Frau! Your writing that the 500 Gulden should have been received in Linz after the recent Easter came to me too late. Nevertheless I have your made your request to Martin Seldener in Wittenberg throug Herr Lazarus Spengler, requesting and admonishing that he yet would demand and receive it with the provision that it should be done for us at Nuernberg. Although I see well that you have thus determined and made it as certain as you could; because I have noted from your writing that you would have alms on hand to be given to poor students rather than to apply it to interest: it does not displease me if you remain of the same opinion still.

That a preacher has troubled you about your son and a judge as Michel has indicated to me should not trouble you and think you have made a mistake. Let them sort it out legally with each other and the matter should not concern you personally and in no way burden your conscience. Herewith be commended to God together with your dear children and all of yours, Amen. dated at Wittenberg on the 6th of May 1533. Your willing D. Martinus Luther, yet a little sick.
NOTES: There are a couple of idioms here that I'm not sure of so check this translation with the experts.
Michel Stiefel is the great inventor of logarithms-a system independent of the one we use.

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