Tuesday, July 18, 2006

#1944-To Gerhard Wilskamp in Herford

Grace and peace in Christ! I rejoice, my dear Gerhard, that by you the unrest is dampened which Satan began to inceite. Thanks to Christ and may He sustain and increase the quiet. I have thankfully received your little present although it is not necessary that your little poverty( vestram tennitatem) should be dispensed to me also. I will therefore take care that your letter to your relative Andreas is delivered as soon as possible.
Beyond that there is no news outside of that which I believe you already know that the Turks have been turned back after several thousand were lost and after having plagued Austria with fire and plunder. By us there was a comet sighted in the east in the spring.However, we have nothing to fear over the signs of the heaven over which only the heathen fear. We want to pray for one another that we will be delivered. Christ be with you. Greet all of ours with love. On the Saturday after Lucia (15 Dec.) 1532.

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