Tuesday, June 27, 2006

#1927-To Johann, Prince of Anhalt

To the illustrious,well-born Prince and Lord, Lord Johann,Prince in Anhalt, Graf in Ascanien,Lord in Bernburg,my gracious Lord.
Grace and peace in Christ. Illustrious Prince, Gracious Lord! I am rquested to plead before E.F.G. in writing and petition for the widow of the late Probst in Worlitz that E.F.G. would graciously help her and be supportive of what he,before his end,purposed and determined for her in a letter before the composer in Worlitz and had sealed and submitted but which is now assailed by his friends and by which they are opposing her in what she is trying to do. Because it is the type of estate which in the time of ecclesiastical law could not be bequeathed to friend without a special testament but would fall back into the hands of the Officials etc. and he had in mind his poor little child, it is my poor plea that E.F.G. would support the named widow and little child with property as survivors also taking into consideration that at the last he married her as he himself told me when I was with E.F.G. in Worlitz and I advised him that he should for the benefit of the child assemble all the neighbors and make known the marriage. If he did that, good; if not yet his confession of a secret marriage is not to be rejected because he acknowledged it before me and my companions. E.F.G. will know well how to deal graciously to firmly support this poor orphan. Herewith, be commended to God,Amen. Wednesday after St. Matthew (25 Sept.)1532.E.F.G.'s willing Martinus Luther,D.
NOTES: There is some confusion in the editions on the punctuation and I wasn't sure about some of the pronouns so you may want to check further with the experts.

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