Tuesday, June 20, 2006

#1923-To the Council at Kamenz

Grace and peace. Honored,Perceptive,dear Lords and Friends! I have your writing where you indicate that because of the shortage of a preacher that Er Simon Haferitz be given to you who ,it is complained, is yet without my consent given to you. Now I know well the named Er Simon H. and also know well that I do not consider myself a new Pope who is to assign every Pastor and fill every Preaching-chair although I consider myself responsible to give counsel and help to whomever needs it. Nonetheless I do not know whether at this time to advise that Er Simon H. should leave his service at Salza since the good people there are benefited; and I did not want my conscience to be burdened that he under my name should forsake the people of Salza. If he wants to do so and venture this according to his conscience that is something I can well accept.
Because you are in need of a preacher I am rightly moved, whether or not Er Simon H. does not want to come or whether he might, let me know as I would hope to find one who is also pious and learned. Although it is true that there is a great shortage of personnel who would be somewhat special. Here the responsibility lies: everywhere this could be well considered. Also no one provides schools for young people that our LOrd and God may look to for laborers in His harvest if we were worthy. Herewith be commended to God, Amen. Tuesday after the Nativity of Mary (Nativatatis Mariae (10 September) Anno 1532. D. Martin Luther.

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