Monday, June 19, 2006

#1921-Veit Dietrich to Justus Menius

To the, in Christ, highly honorable Herr Justus Menius, servant of the Word in Eisenach, in Christ his highly respectable Herr and brother.
Grace and peace in Christ! So that you might know how much I delight in pleasing you by
every kind of pleasantry, if only you indicate it to me what I can do, I am now sending you the letter of our Father Luther which you mentioned to me on the evening when I
traveled with you and Georg (Roerer) to the hostel. Just as I am doing everything which
at that time I promised and kept it firm in my memory so I wish in return that you would also proceed with the book against the man Wicel which you have begun and at that
time you also promised.I do not know why Jonas has postponed the publishing of his labor. It seems to me that he is being too careful in pondering these enthusiastic men.That should not in any way hinder the putting forth of your labor so that the Church should have ample witness to form its opinion and also to shut the hard mouth of
its opponents. Wittenberg is not bringing forth nothing new except the Summary which, I hope will come out on Michael's-day (Sept 30), the Sermon on the Mount of Christ, which Cruciger has started on and the funeral sermons which the Doctor (Luther) preached at the burial of the Prince. I have taken up the first and the second, I hope, will be added by Cruciger. Be it well with you and pardon my boldness if I am the first to burden your love by my writing to you. Luther is found to be well with his entire family and he has ordered me to greet your love (h.t.=humanitatem tuam).Wittenberg on 31 August. Your love's compliant one (T.h.dd.)Veit Dietrich of Nuernberg.
NOTES: The writing against Wicel is not extant. Two sermons of Luther on 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 are Vol. XII of the St.Louis Edition, page 2072.

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