Saturday, May 13, 2006

#1905-To Nicholas von Amsdorf

Grace and peace! I commend to you, better Amsdorf, the Lord Lucas, called pastor to your Johannitern (see note below). I have informed him that in any matter where counsel is needed that he should lean on your leadership and repute. Christ be with you,Amen.
On the arrival of the Turks we are finally very certain. God take our cause on! although I am fearful for us that there will be a severe whipping because of our unthankfulness. Beyond that I have no news other than that ours are returning from Nuernberg with the matter unresolved and after much futile expended toil,labor, time and money. Fate is besetting the Pope and his kingdom through angry and irreconcilable wrath of God. "It well,well now!", our blood be on your head," we have done enough". I believe that you have heard that D.Eck has been driven out of Ingolstadt and their region by the Prince of Bavaria and he has very suddenly lost his parish. So they write from Nuernberg. It is uncertain and they speculate (ariolantur) that he is favored by the third Duke of Bavaria, Ernst, and he desires a portion of his paternal inheritance. Be it right well with you in Christ. Finally I am free through prayers of the dizziness and illness of the head-pain ,thanks be to God!Amen. On the day of John the Baptist (24 June)1532.Your Martin Luther.
NOTES: The Johannitern were knights of the order of John the Baptist and were crusaders in the twelfth century. Still today there are societies of the Johannitern with hospitals and charitable work in the middle east and Africa, on the isle of Rhodes.
Interesting that this was written on the day of St.John the Baptist.
As to Eck I have not found anything elsewhere on his final days except that some say he remained at Ingolstadt.Will check further.

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