Tuesday, May 09, 2006

#1903-To Nicholas von Amsdorf

Grace and peace in Christ! That I have not written to you, my dear Amsdorf, is on account of my head's disposition which through your prayers is improving; I have despaired over the natural powers. I have heard that you are also ill and I am not happy to hear it. Christ restore you again and sustain you for us a long time.
I do not know what I can hope for regarding the peace between us and the Emperor which was set forth in Nuernberg. Ours have written on the trip that the Turks which were previously completely dead are returning against Germany with a fearsome and countless host to capture both Ferdinand and Charles and to do in both brothers. The Pope is in France and he at the same with the King of France denies the Emperor and they refuse help against the Turks. Behold the horrors of this time! It's the money which the Pope for many long years accumulated against the Turks by the indulgences. One says that the Emperor is pressuring the Princes for the promised help against the Turks. For this reason the Diet will likely be dissolved in a short time and the peace negotiations broken off. It is said that Carlstadt is returning again from Friesland and seeking a corner to hide in (Schlupwinkel) after having found nothing to pursue in Switzerland other than agriculture; this farm-work earlier by us he was completely fed up with. This is what we have for news. The LOrd do what is good in His eyes; I commend you to His grace, Amen. The 13th of June anno 1532. Martin Luther.

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