Friday, May 18, 2012

#2410-To Johann Agricola

To to the highly-respected man, Herr Magister Johann Agricola of Eisleben. Heil! I have to the Herr Rector directed ,my dear Agricola,that you the theologic lecture which you by my request and according to my will have undertaken, so that you would not be idle and (other people only) vex (otiosus et odiosus) would , that again according to my will should cease and you, likewise, completely and absolutely the theological efforts (a theologica)refrain , and this I indicate to you by letter , so that you from now on if yo want to lecture permission must be received from elsewhere, namely from the University.Now, if you want to speak against us in private that I will not prevent, but see to it that you take care. Be it well with You and humble your thinking beneath the hand of the Almighty God. About the fifth evening hour of Epiphany day (6 Januar)1538. Martin Luther,D.

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