Thursday, May 03, 2012

#2408-To Elector Johann Friedrich

To the illustrious,high-born Prince and Lord, Herr Johann Friedrich, Duke in Saxony,Arc-marshall of the Holy Roman Empire and Elector,Landgraf in Thuringia,and Markgraf in Meissen, my most gracious Lord.

Grace and Peace in Christ!Illustrious, high-born Prince, most gracious Lord! I have, according to ECFG's command, presented quickly this morning Mag.Georg Karg with the list in the Sacristien (sacristy?) in all earnestness and accompanied there with D.Jonas,DKreuziger,M.Philipps, and spoke in the sharpest tone;thereupon he at first excused himself that he had not written but then quickly submitted that he had at all times wanted to make it known  and we ordered that he should soon send his written from wherever he would stay and to this he consented. As we were talking the administrator and according to the order of ECFG took him by the hand tied to the castle; we would have preferred that he stay restricted in his hostel which the administrator permitted under our responsibility; however the Landvogt immediately after came and got him to go to the castle which also now pleased us better also on our behalf.
Now as it has developed that Mag. Georg has written nothing, yesterday I sent two Caplan to him in my name that they would insist from him the promised writing and tho the Landvogt at first refused and would permit no one without the order of ECFG he reconsidered and permitted them; the same have brought to me the enclosed writing, which he afterward sent to me.
Today I myself went to him with D. Jonas to speak with him according to his wish and learned that the Mass Father of whom he wrote is a chief-boob and done him a great injustice.  That they in Freiberg permitted that to happen vexes me greatly; he had moved the poor young man to dispute in such an article, which I had not previously read nor heard; but we hope he today is informed and acknowledges that he was misled in such doubt, and he wants to turn to the right. Since he is an immature young man , and first of all was perhaps angry at our persons as all have previously done who against our doctrine put forth sectarian ideas after first despising us as persons. Yet we are not making a joke about the devil's assaults and making a curious request: nor am I requesting that ECFG free him ,until we may indicate to ECFG soundly and certainly indicate what he holds and or let go of.; I have the strange thoughts about the people who yet likely ,and if God wills, are without guilt.ECFG willl know well how princely to proceed. The devil is after us earnestly and sends his servants among us (like the Father from Freiberg is one of them) and sneaks in here,without invitation. Herwith be commened to God, Amen. Friday after Circumcision (4Jan.) 1538. ECFG's submissive Mart. Luthers
N.B.- Looks like Karg being misled in such doubt (Zweifel) has the variant "twice"( zweimal ) misled.

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