Tuesday, August 16, 2011

#2366- To Justus Menius
(St.Louis Edition heading: Plea for Caspar Glatz, pastor in Orlmunde, who was in danger of losing his parish)

To the highly regarded man, Herr Justus Menius, Visitor in Thuringia etc.
Grace and peace in Christ! You, my dear Justus and Friedrich Myconiius, you are visitors, and to you is entrusted the jurisdiction in Thuringia. For this reason the disposition of every pastor and every church depends upon you; thus in vain this is desired from me since I know absolutely nothing about this matter. Thus, I refer Herr Caspar Glatz , pastor in Orlamunde, to you, about which for whatever reason I do not know, approach has made to the Prince because his parish is in danger. Sadly and sighing he appealed to me, if nothing else that concern there might yet be that he only be heard. I have answered him: that is your office and Friedrich's. For this reason I request that you help the matter righteously and, according to your office whatever evidence you have about the same and as much evidence as you can, to bring it before the Prince. Then , just as I do not want him to be condemned unrighteously so also I want that his trustfulness be proved and which he may obtain. You know that we have a Prince who does not knowingly or willing receive empty words. I do do not envy his parish, do not wish him to be removed, and especially requested that a stipend be extended for a student of theology. Summing up, whatever else there be of other matters which trouble him I do not know. You know everything and can confer with Friedrich in this matter. Be it well with you in the LOrd. On the Tuesday after Margaretha (17. Juli) 1537. Your D. Martin Luther.

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