Thursday, April 07, 2011

#2354-to Justus Jonas

To the arch-bishop Justus Jonas. Grace and peace in the LOrd! There is a Paul von Rachwitz with me. whom you a certain house in Bitterfeld, as he says, formerly belonged to church-properties (eclessiatica), but already for the third time as has been sold,which is to be freed with the return of the purchase price decided to deprive him of, and he has pleaded with me to intervene for him so that it would not be necessary for him to go away or change his dwelling. I, though I know you do everything with the highest of equity, would yet plead for the proper good of the man whether he might yet be permitted the house. For this reason I ask you that with your co-bishops do what might be proper. It is necessary that I somewhat hesitatingly appeal since he is a relative of my wife and the husband of a certain Nun so that it does not give the appearance that I seek what is improper but yet I do not want to refuse those relations who have been commended to me. Be it well with you in the LOrd. Given on the 12 April Anno 1537. Your Martin Luther.

N.B. Note says the Nun was a "Witscherin des Geschlects".

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Don said...

Looks like the Nun relative of Kette was Katarina of Ketcher rather than Witcherin. Typo, perhaps?