Sunday, March 13, 2011

#2352- Luther's Witness that he yet lives.

( A rumor out of Italy came to Hall in Innthal that Luther had died and the inscription over his grave was in German, Hebrew,Greek and Latin. The Papists were very happy about this. Since many were troubled about this report a messenger was sent to obtain a copy of this inscription. He finds Luther alive and requests that he might write something to give to those who are troubled by the report of his death. ML says: "That is a wonderful thing; I haven't yet written about my burial on any day." and then the following:)
I Doctor Martin Luther confess with this my handwriting that I am with one mind with the devil, the Pope, and all my enemies. Since they would be happy if I had died, and I would gladly give them such joy and could well have died in Schmalkalden, but God had not yet established such joy. He will do it sooner than they think and not to their great joy and they will then sing:Ach, that Luther would yet live! That is a copy from my grave in German, Greek,Latin and Hebrew.

(The above is thought to have been written from Wittenberg in March of 1537 or later.)

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