Friday, February 19, 2010

#2320-Elector Johann Friedrich to Luther and the other theologians.

First of all, our greetings. Honorable, worthy and scholarly, dear devout and loyal ones! After we were in Wittenberg for a few days we gave our position on the proposals before the future Council (Council of Mantua) whereupon you gave us your consideration on several of the Articles which we read aloud and noted with gracious favor. Because the Articles and parts of Christian teaching and religion range insofar as those promote and increase peace and unity or may not and should not be held, it is our gracious desire that you, Doctor Martin would take in hand the same points and articles and state them everywhere in what way and how far they are responsible to God and with good conscience in accordance with Christian love will support and increase peace and unity in Christendom and whereupon the opposition will finally be quieted or remain or not and when you have completed the same and assembled the same and pondered them especially also with Licentiat Amsdorf, Magister Eisleben, and several others including our dear friendly brothers Duke Johan Ernst of Saxony princedom preachers and those learned in the Holy Scriptures with your thoughts, giving this command to you under our cost comparing the same and having come to unity to subscribe to each of them. And if you should in one or several you do not have agreement you would in writing also indicate the reason to us and the others sending it everywhere.

And since this is the very highest and important matter upon which rests the glory of God and the welfare of Christianity in general and concerns very much as we also recently have indicated to the group that in these things there should be no delay it is our gracious desire that you look to this matter, deal with it and complete it with the greatest zeal and ingeheim and that you give your index and considerations to us no later than around the Conversion of Paul (Jan.25) so in the purest way you will demonstrate your devotion to the increase of the glory of God and His salvific Word and will extend to us your gracious favor and we are inclined to you with grace and goodness. Dated at Torgau on the Monday after Nicholas (11 Dec.) Anno 1536.

Nota bene: The language of the Electoral Court is very difficult with its long sentences and phrases. I would like to see an expert’s translation of the above.

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