Monday, February 15, 2010

#2316-To Christian III of Denmark

Grace and peace in Christ,our LOrd and Savior, also my poor Pater Noster,great-mighty one,most illustrious, highborn Prince, most gracious Lord King. I have EKM (your royal majesty?) received glady your writing, and am well pleased that EKM has rooted out the bishops( so that they may not cease God’s Word to persecute and the worldly rule confuse); I also want, as much as I can, for the best help signify and be responsible, and humbly pray, that EKM would properly the spiritual goods, which are appropiate to the crown, separate so that the church is nevertheless well and properly may be cared for.
Thus, if they are turned about and torn apart wherewith will one care for the preachers?Thus, I admonish you (perhaps unecessarily) EKW would without that know well how and christianly to proceed but without that Example from me our people not notified might be moved by such since there are many who would gladly tear everything apart.; and should God not such pious Land-princes which He intends with all earnestness and faithfulness to uphold , many pastors would be laid waste. If now Satan would deceive several also in the lands EKM may God help EKM to consider the need of the church for the divine Word for all both now and the future that they may learn to be saved and avoid eternal death; everything rests upon God’s Word. Christ, our dear Lord be with EKM here and everlastingly,Amen. Saturday after St. Andrew’s Day (2 Dec.) 1536. EKM’s willing one Martinus Luther,D.

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