Wednesday, November 11, 2009


#2306-To Duke Heinrich of Saxony
Grace and peace in Christ. Illustrious, high-born Prince, gracious Lord! .E.F.G. will
Graciously regard it as well-intentioned that I must write so plainly. Often now I have pleaded for Mathes Kartenmaler, and according to much zeal have inquired about everything
And now finally E.F.G.’s writing to my E.G.the Elector which ECFG sent to me I have read and discovered , as much as possible by me, that the poor man has been done an injustice; it’s was a bad thing, whoever did it may God forgive; I do not want to have it on my conscience. EFG would also not want it to remain on his conscience.There seven children with father and mother expelled (the eighth has died) and are regarded as unworthy and without virtue by everyone in addition to being beggars without anything being proved or even had a hearing and he also is not a man who could have done such a thing as I previously wrote.

That EFG finally in letters to my gracious Lord has been urged that he should yield from his vow and acceptance: EFG should graciously consider that one has faithfully and in secret pointed out ( were it with evil intentions, they are the worst of scoundrels) how the hangman from Dresden ordered that he should be after him. Yes, gracious lord, it would be better to deal with him with a cane or stick! There are three witnesses through whom (I don’t know) such complaint have brought to EFG as I am here forwarding so that EFG may know that Mathes has been done an injustice. Thus it is my humble petition: because EFG has heard the holy Gospel by God’s grace would to the honor of the same holy Word of God such outrage against EFG diminish and still give the man a hearing whether it be within or outside the jurisdiction of EFG. Such outcry against EFG is not laudable and it will not help that he has stepped out of EFG’s domain because it is METUS IN CONSTANTEM VIRUM CADENS (?).That is my final plea in this matter. Though it may not succeed it is yet necessary for my conscience to give him a public written witness that he is innocent in this matter and to help save his honor so that he might remain which I in service to EFG would rather pass over.

I cannot permit such horror or misery ( where there is not a hearing or proof) to go on without pushing and laying it upon the conscience of EFG. I plead for a gracious answer.Herwith be commended to God,Amen. On the Thursday after all Saints Day (2 Nov) 1536. EFG’s willing Martinus Luther.

Nota Bene: I was thinking that I saw “METUS..." in a the work of a Roman (Latin) poet but can’t find it. Surprised that ML does not quote it but maybe it’s a proverb about everyone fearing death..(?) Any ideas?

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