Thursday, July 23, 2009

#2288-To Nicolaus Hausmann in Dessau

To the highly-gifted man, Herr Nicolaus Hausmann, servant of Christ in the church at Dessau, his very dear brother in the LOrd.

Grace and peace! I seldom write to you,good Nicolaus, since there is nothing at hand and our news you very well know and your Court learns of it before ours does. Both Markgrafs (likely Joachim and Johann sons of the Elector of Brandenburg) are straying from the Gospel; if you did not already know you should know now and I do not know what evil among us is glimmering here. I am sharing herewith my new decision about you. I am thinking that you should be called away from there and become a colleague in my house so that you can finally enjoy peace and rest. I already have the assurance from your brother that he will support you here by me. I cannot see that this position there is for you.
D.Hieronymous Weller is happy; he has gone away from me to a nearby house which I am glad to see.
The matter of the Emperor is not of such great happiness as it is rumored. One hears that about five hundred men have gone because of hunger among whom several prominent leaders in the war as the Markgraf Friedrich, the Probst in Wurzburg,Caspar von Fronsberg and I do not know which others.
It appears me that the Council has passed over more than they have urged although it is said that Duke Georg has written a ponderous book against the Bishops which he is thinking to bring as an ordinance according the Canon and that is like comparing God with the devil.
From England our Alesius writes that the new queen Johanna (Seymour) crowned on St. Michael's Day feast is an enemy of the Gospel, as he says, the position of the kingdom has now changed so that Antoninus is hiding and must be silent and is not without being in danger. Yet neverthelesss the King persists in trying to demonstrate his return to the Pope and that it is concluded throughout the entire kingdom that no one should journey to the Council except those whom the King has previously consented to go to the Council which will never happen. The lords are divided over this so that the Council will become a fable or at least a definite time will not be set for it. However, when the time has passed who can determine a different time? "The whole world is full of boobishness." Be it well with you in the LOrd and pray for me, dear brother,since I very much need the same. Greet your very good Prince respectfully for me. Mid-week after Lambertus (20 Sept.)Anno 1535.

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