Saturday, October 04, 2008

#2279-Elector Johann Friedrich to Luther

To begin, our greetings. Honorable and highly-celebrated,dear devoted one! We have your writing in regard to the virgins in the cloister of Ploetzkau and along with the named virgins writing wherein they also indicate the decease of their Domina and plead that they would be provided another Domina according to the outward regimen and ordinance and one not contrary to the Word of God one should be selected,placed and received. And although we regard their request as nothing different than wanting to preserve good discipline and order in their external community we yet do think that if our choice was establised we would be making a precedent for other places and create an offense. So that in regard to the appropriate discipline of the external order in the cloister and among the nuns may be maintainted we want it to be that you advise them and indicate to them that when the majority of them choose a valiant, qualified and able person who has respect above others thus we will
make a public written command and mandate and give her the command to have the rule, order and obedience among the cloister personnel and virgins and also among the same at all times the appropriate punishment to administer remembering that such was previously the ancient way and order that such lay-people were chosen and placed.We do not want you to withhold from you our gracious opinion. Given at Torgau on the Saturday after the Assumption of Mary (19 Aug.) Anno 1536.

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