Monday, July 14, 2008

#2263-To Dorothea Joerger, widow in Keppach

The very-honorable, nobel Frau,Dorothea Joerger,widow in Keppach, my favored Frau and good Friend.

Grace and peace in Christ. Richly-honorable,dear Frau! Andres Hechel has spoken with me how your will, an established testament, benefits your daughter; however the sons do not want that to stand because the daughter has previously received both the fatherly and motherly portion etc.. My thought is that if you want to raise up the sons with with properties and she consents to that,that lets the matter go forward; if,however, that cannot be and it has previously been delivered to the daughter your conscience does not need to be burdened as you cannot bring back what they have been given previously .Therefore you are not to trouble yourself thereabout.

In addition Mr.Andres has requested to write to you and plead that you would complete the benefits, which you have begun, to him until Easter and support for this little time in studies. Herein you will well know how to proceed kindly and Christianly.Herewith be commended to God with all of yours. My honored house-holder,Frau Kaethe greets you in a friendly way. Om Wittenberg on the Monday after St.James (31 July) 1536. Martinus Luther,D.

Note:That is St. James the Elder whose day is July 25.
Many a pastor has found that counseling on wills to be treahcerous waters.
"Vergeben" sometimes refers to a misdeal in playing cards.

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