Wednesday, July 02, 2008

#2256a-To Georg,Prince in Anhalt

(This is about the same matter in #2253a)

To the illustrious,high-born Prince and Lord, Lord Georg, Tower-probst of the Arch-stift in Magdeburg,Prince in Anhalt,Graf in Ascanien,Lord in Bernburg, my gracious Lord.

G.und Fr.(Grace and peace) in Christ. Illustrious, high-born Prince and Lord! EFG has sufficiently and moreso has much toiled in the Schenitz matter. However, at the same time the Roman Cardinal thinks in his way to delay and accordingly wants to make EFG and all asses so I completely humbly request EFG to desist and to give God room Who must judge such a fellow. So I also want to free my thoughts toward the fiendish tyrant. Accordingly I want,if God wills, to die with Psalm XXXVI on the holy Father and the hellish red hat. It will proceed as God wills. I yet see that they despise our kindness and my prayer thus they will find disgrace. Such discussion of mine I want EFG to regard as good; it grieves me very much that the red hat also misuses and despises EFG's faithful heart and also want (if God wills) not to forget that.Too much rips the sack open. Herwith be commended to God, Amen. Monday after Margaretha (17 July) 1536. EFG's willing Martinus Luther,D.

NOTE: Not sure about the expression of "dying with Pslam 36 on the Pope and Cardinal". ML often talks about dying and maybe an exposition, full of imprecations,is what he wants to leave? The Editors not that the original has the plural fathers for which they substituted 'father' thinking he meant the Pope,I guess. I may have some further info coming from Luther Index on the expression so watch for correction, if need be.
Interesting that I don't see an exposition of Psalm 36 in the St.Louis Edition?

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