Tuesday, May 13, 2008

#2244-To Markgraf Georg of Brandenburg

To the illustrious, high-born Prince and Lord, Lord Georg, Markgraf in Brandenburg,Duke in Stettin,Pomerania etc.,Oppeln etc.,and Prince in Ruegen etc.etc.,my gracious Lord.

Grace and peace in Christ. Illustrious, high-born Prince, gracious Lord! I have received two letters from EFG and both of them graciously written. The first as to how EFG's Lord Father, Markgraf Friedrich was required by God to leave this world etc., and this pleased me very much that EFG demonstrated such loyal,family honor toward your Lord Father in writing to such an insignificant person as I so graciously and in such a friendly way although also previously EFG had the reputation(by God's grace) that you during the life of the highly-named Lord Father gave him every honor during the life-time of FG.

The second as how the students (whom EFG has greatly supported) are studying I know nothing other than that it is going right; since the alley-going and night-howling is yes, praise God, not so horrible as it was previously. However, EFG should not be mistaken about that if I should find one who portrays the same I will make it quickly known to EFG and send him home as I have done with some. What happens in secret I do not know all about; but everything public is taken care of with all earnestness.

What was dealt with by us in the meeting regarding the Sacrament etc. EFG will learn the finality of everything in a written form as will all the other Princes, Lords and Preachers who are involved with this matter; since we do not want to make any final conclusion nor will we nor can we without their knowledge and consent because there is likely more involved than some think. However, so far they have betaken themselves already that they want to faithfully hold and teach according to our Confession and Apology (Confessio und Apologia). Yet we are dealing with them on several articles so that every danger and poison is set aside and there will be a true Concordia; we want to send all this to EFG. Because EFG is one with us in Confession you must be certain (as all others) thereby or want to be about how such Concordia is concluded and made.

EFG would best help with the Preachers so that old matters are not so sharply judged and the stupid are not scared away. I consider that you are truly serious; if not they are likely to strive against the adopted Apologia. And it means nothing that they condemn the papal procession and ciboria about which we have previously held nothing. Herewith be commended to God; in a short time I want to write further. Monday after Exaudi (29 May) 1536.EFG's willing Martin Luther,D.
NOTE: Early on the Augsburg Confession was known as "Apologia"
Looks like the reference to Procession and Ciboria is to the second article of the Wittenberg Concord in which they say that the Body of Christ is present only in the "Gebrauch und Niessung" (use and partaking) not in being carried about in Processions. There the word for Ciboria is Sacramenthauslein- the covering over the chalice-like vessel containing the consecrated host. Ciboria were also architectural features-canopy over the altar but looks like ML is talking about the former here.

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