Saturday, May 10, 2008

#2243-To the Council in Augsburg

To the honorable,discerning Lords, Mayor and Council of the city of Augsburg, my favored Lords and Friends.

Grace and Peace in Christ. Honorable,discerning, dear Lords and Friends! I have heard both of your preachers one after the other and I, as much as possible,have been friendly as they themselves will convey everything to you. And although it has progressed so far, praise God, that we have become united, to the extent humans can confess,it is, on the other hand, my humble, friendly plea that such unity might be strengthened and remain constant as I have greatly pleaded and admonished your preachers in a friendly way and that we not only teach harmony with words but also from the foundation of the heart (rooting out all suspicion) and might trust one another in Christ as true love does and should do.And should such unity , which we have here established,be pleasing to you and your preachers make the same known to us
in time as we will make known to you how it pleases our parties of preachers and lords here. Thereupon it is to be made public in print to the praise of God and shame of the devil, Amen. The Father of all consolation and peace strengthen and lead your hearts with us in the right confession of His dear Son, our LOrd Jesus Christ in Whom is hidden all the riches of the wisdom and knowledge,Amen. On the Monday afte Exaudi (29 May) 1536. E.E.'s (your honors?) willing one M.L.

NOTE: Apparently a similar letter on the same day is written to the Council of Strassburg where Bucer and Capito serve but it is in Vol.XVII,2119 and I have not been venturing much away from Vols.XXIa and b.

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