Saturday, April 26, 2008

#2235-To Johann Brismann in Koenigsberg

To the, in Christi, highly-revered man, Herr Johann Brismann, a true Doctor of Theology, and now very faithful preacher in Koenigsberg, his vert dear brother in the LOrd.
Grace and peace! Your letters to very are always acceptable, my dear Brismann; that I have not always the same answered you have yourself given the reason in your letters namely that I am very busy. However, the business is not as responsible as the messengers who either out of pride or because of their own situation often neglect me also when I do write. Moreover since I am already old and more often quite ill I am forced to let go many more important matters to friends in whom I have this confidence that they will not have need of this stimulant to friendship whether I am dead, or a living and pressed servant of the doctrine of Christ among whose number I have always reckoned you to be one of the first. Christ has begun a good work in you , may He bless and strengthen you in these very bad times. However, Christ is victorious and rules,Amen.

Greet for me respectfully Herr Poliander and all collegues, and also D.Basilius Axt with his.

This Easter I am resurrected with Christ from the dead since I am so very sick that I am convinced that I must go to Christ our LOrd which I eagerly await and wish for but there is a different will in heaven that before the grave I must see more evil. The schismatic spirits which have often been struck down by God nevertheless cease not to rage,as you also write, because your God does not cease but bellows and seeks those whom He would devour. Let us pray, let us pray, let us pray boldly in faith and be watchful. Surley He does not sleep.

Be it well with you in Christ, my dear brother, and pray for me that our LOrd Jesus Christ may in a good hour take me away from this evil world, Amen. On the first day of May 1536. Martin Luther,D.
NOte: Still almost ten more years (1546) before the good hour of departure comes for Doctor Luther.

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