Friday, April 11, 2008

#2226-Elector to ML

(This is the Elector's answer to #2224)
To begin with, our greetings. Worthy, dear devout one! We have received your writing regarding the 40 Gulden which I prescribed for Doctor Hieronymous Weller as a beneficence from the Castle Wartburg and do according to your request as appropriate and have written the pertinent Sequestrator of Thuringia to deposit with the official in Eisenach the 40 Gulden who will know how to put it in its proper place. Thus he may seek it from the official and the money will come of our provision come and immediately be given. This we did not want to keep from your gracious opinion. Dated at Torgau on the Saturday after Judica (8 April) Anno 1536.

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