Thursday, April 10, 2008

#2224-To Elector Johan Friedrich

Grace and peace in Christ etc. Most illustrious, high-born Prince,most gracious Lord!Now is the time of Walpurgis which according to the prescription of ECFG Doctor Hieronymous Well was to receive the 40 Fl. from the Wartburg Castle as a beneficence. Now Mr. Just Menius writes that because of the order of the Sequestrator
he cannot receive neither in Eisenach nor in Weissensee receive the mentioned beneficence excecpt ECFG order the Sequestrator to let proceed the same to the treasurer or official in Eisenach and as in the previous year the messenger-pay and writing be gratis. Such writing of Mr. Just I request obediently to make known to ECFG so that the 40 Fl. will be secured for the named Doctor Hieronymous and if he should expect the same. Because the Sequestrators are sitting idle it is difficult to get them together and meet with them as Mr. Just also indicates. ECFG will herein will know how to give gracious advice. Herewith be commended to God,Amen. On the Thursday after Judica (6 April) 1536. ECFG's obedient Martinus Luther,D.

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