Saturday, January 05, 2008

Former California Concordia College, Oakland, CA

California Concordia College, Oakland, Cal.: Opened 1906, closed June 1973.

Photos taken January 5, 2008:


Anonymous said...

The first image is one of the Concordia buildings although the sign out front says Spectrum Center. When I attended Concordia (1970-1974) this building housed administrative and faculty offices, twelve classrooms, a library and an auditorium. Other buildings on the campus were the original building from the early 1900's which housed the men's dormitory and school cafeteria (through the 1970-1971 school year), the former president's residence which became the music building, a gymnasium, and the old "co-ed cottage" (women's locker room and a classroom) which became an "Industrial Technology" classroom (shop), a Prayer Chapel, and a pair of small garages, one of which originally housed the pump for the school's well).

The other two images are of the Catholic school across Camden Ave. from the Concordia campus.

Robert said...

I attended California Concordia College from September of 1961 to June of 1963, when I moved on to Concordia Senior College (Now Concordia Seminary) in Indiana. I have many wonderful memories of those years. For a long time, I wondered if any vestiges remain of that place. In the 1980's or so, I took my family on a trip to California and we went by the old school. It was still there and I think it was a Lutheran High School at that time. I wish I could find a way to track some of the students I knew. I've tried to Google a few them, but many years have passed.

If anyone posts a reply to this I would be very interested.

Robert Post