Tuesday, January 29, 2008

#2200-To Urban Rhegius in Celle (Zelle)

To the highly revered brother in the LOrd, Urban Rhegius the upright and faithful servant of Christ in Celle in Saxony.
Grace and peace in Christ who is our peace and our consolation. I am not very grieved,my dear Urban, that you are suffering an angel of Satan and a thorn in the flesh. Since thereby I acknowledge that you are being conformed similarly to the image of the Son of God and all the saints. And I hold therefore that you and all other brothers in high positions experience this temptation which should humble us. Therefore " be consoled and undismayed and exalt in the LOrd" (Psalm 27:14),as Paul says (2 Cor.12:9): "My stength is made powerful in weakness."He Who called us is faithful and will fully keep us unto that Day, Amen. This LOrd I belong to and have comfort as much as the LOrd grants. I have said that you are to be comforted and know that you alone are not afflicted. It is just the same way with the entire brotherhood which is in the world. We must all the other support and be supported. So Christ bears us all from the beginning of the world to the end. We cannot always be firm and strong nor always weak and fragile but it will be as He blows, where and when He wills, so that through these changes He instructs us that if were always strong we would become proud or if we were to be always weak despair. "HE knows our frame",says David (Ps. 103:14)"and that we are dust," and then it is best when we confess that we are entirely of dust and out of dust our frame is constituted.
But why do I talk so much over against you who is Christ's very own? Only that one brother must address the other and one extend the hand to the other in valley of tears until that Day breaks which we await. Greet respectfully your worthy Prince, whom I wish happiness (God is my witness) in the Spirit, who loves the Scripture, and pray for great blessings on him and us all may be increased by the Father of mercy, Amen. Be it right well with in the LOrd and pray for me a sinner at the same time also.Wittenberg on the day of St. David (30 Dec.)1535. Your Martin Luther.

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