Monday, January 14, 2008

#2191-To the Council in Frankfurt

Honorable, discreet Lord, Mayor and Council of the city of Frankfurt,my favored Lords and good Friends,

Grace and peace. Perceptive, dear Lords! I have upon receiving your writing written with eagerness to M.Johann Cellarius and am wishing very much for many reasons that he would again be with you in Frankfurt. What he will do, however, I do not know and if he should fail to do so, I would also be glad to find an able and talented man for your city and faithfully thereto help as much as I can. However, by us there is an absolute shortage and those developing are quite immature (as St.Paul says) and pure novices and are not to be entrusted with such great churches with so little experience. You yourself well learned what the danger is to put such people in such great churches who though they boast much and are learned enough but yet have the Geel (yellow ?) on the beak, will listen to no one when they gain adherents who must be rightly borne in mind as present in such a great community as the emergency as recently taught us. To serve you according to my ability I am willing and ready. Herewith be commended to God,Amen. Day Clement (23 November) 1535.
NOTE: Indeed yellow is used of young fledgling birds-Gelbschnabel. Thanks to Luther Index for the info.

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