Thursday, January 10, 2008

#2189-To Justus Jonas

Grace and peace! I thank you for the hare and birds, good Jonas. I have all too much that I could write but I am sluggish and the matters are too wide ranging for me to write to you about before my other projects. Of that Kupplerin (?Procuress-Brothel Madam) I have written. What will happen I do not know but I hope she will be taken out of the city.
The Legate of the Roman Pope appared very suddenly in this city. Now he is with the Markgraf; the man must fly, not ride. Would to God that you were present there.He invited me and Pommer to breakfast as I declined mealtime in the evening at the bath.I came and have eaten with him at the castle.What I have said I cannot write to anyone. I have during the entire table-time presented Luther himself and the emissary of Enland Antoninus, whom he likewise invited I have (as that one will write to you) played with all too morose (verdriessliicissimis) words. More on this orally.
The Frankfurters have written complaining that they are pressured by the Archbishop of Mainz again to restore the Masses and ceremonies. In all these things I have needed your presence. However I am forced to bear theses and be responsible during which the Pest (that is, the devil)rejoices) that they through one or two death
have kept us separate. God guard and preserve His Word.
I am sending you the letter of Augustin, the pastor of Colditz in which the disruptive sect of the Epicureans may be seen under these boastings but nevertheless whom God will avenge when he despises. I am also sending the Dolzigsche eloquence.
About the fortunate trip of our Prince to Prague you need have no doubt. That Brueck is in Jena Philippus has already written three times. Likely it is Bleikard. Since he is with the Prince and matters and persons have gotten mixed up because Brueck was previously sick and Bleikard as gone with the Prince as though he were Brueck.
My lord Kaethe greets you and all of yours but she continues her reading (of the Bible see #2183) although the tragic- play of this Kupplerin (see below) has robbed her of eight days. And about the purchase of the canvass she answers that you can easily empathize what what she would do in this hazardous case at the same time in great hope and permission to again begin the lecture and to lose the fear of the situation. Greet all of yours. On the day before Martin (10 November)Anno 1535. Your Martin Luther.

NOTES: ML doesn't mention that November 10,1535 is the day of his 52nd birthday.
Augustin Himmel is the pastor of Colditz.
Bleikard is likely D.Bleikard Sindringer.

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