Friday, December 14, 2007

#2177-To the Mayor and Council of Augsburg

To the honorable, discreet Lords, Mayor and Council of the Imperial City of Augsburg,my favored Lords and good Friends.
Grace and peace in Christ! Honora le, judicious ,dear Lords! I am certainly highly joyful in Christ about the writing of EF wherein I perceive how EF and your church-preachers,Elders, and community are heartily pleased with my answer via Herr Gereon,Doctor and thus earnestly inclined toward unity with us. Would that the Father of all consolation and peace will continue to give the Spirit of His dear Son Jesus Christ in all of our hearts in an increased and greater measure will continue sound and pure so that such unity will progress and remain constant and once and for all the sighing of many hearts whose spirit has been troubled for so long may cease and stop the vengance of the Papists which continually boasts: See, they are not one with one another among themselves and thereby excellently strengthened in their horrors. I (as I have written) will leave nothing lacking on my part,as God wills, so as to take away or hinder such consolation and joy which my God may yet demonstrate to me before my end comes and I stand in the right good hope that Christ will come among us with grace and drive out the divisive spirit and as EF pleads I will not believe what others say about you and I have previously indicated to EF and to them the same. What also I have written to your preachers of a covenant you will also note and EF Council will know how to use the same.
Christ,our dear LOrd, strengthen EF with the right Spirit to further His holy Name,Kingdom and good pleasure,Amen. Wittenberg,quinto October 1535. EF's willing one,Martinus Luther.
NOTE: Maybe EF= ehrbare,fuersichtig= honorable,discreet ones?

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