Saturday, December 08, 2007

#2174-To Johann Riedtesel

To the valiant,soundly-honorable,Johann Riedesel in Neumarkt, my favored Lord and dear god-father.
Grace and peace in Christ. valiant,honor-bound,dear Lord and god-father! I have nothing at this time to write except that I did not want to let Magister Jacob come empty handed, he will well say to you how everything goes and stands here. The deaths, as one says, should be very great here. Outside Wittenberg one knows everything better than we ourselves in the city. Yes, and the farther they are away from Wittenberg, the more certain they are they know how it is going: yes, the farther the lies wander, the fatter, the thicker, the greater,stronger, and finer (schoener=fuller-Ed.)they become. That you must grant. Otherwise all (truth) becomes slighter, meagre the farther it runs. Greet for me your dear (wife) and all of yours and also our student Johann Riedtesel, who might well have forgotten us and writes nothing to us. My Lord Kaethe and your god-child greet you in a friendly way. Herewith be commended to God; He gives His grace and graciously think on you as you desire,Amen. 1535 on the day of Franciscus (4 October). Martinus Luther,D.
NOTE: Believe the salutation is customary ro knights. Forgotten of which child of the Luther's Riedtesel is god-father.

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